Wednesday, November 24, 2010

HP 51604A ink cartridge

I know what your thinking, whats the HP 51604A ink cartridge doing here, this is Well to be honest how much can you really say about a particular ink cartridge. The 51604a cartridge does however go into certain NCR Tellerscan printers just like the C6602A does. Here is a list of printers this cartridge is compatible with.

Addmaster IJ-2000
Addmaster IJ-2040
Addmaster IJ-2050
Addmaster IJ-3000
Addmaster IJ-3080
Addmaster IJ-3160
Addmaster IJ-9000
Addmaster Marchant 2001
Addmaster MicrJET - POS
Addmaster MJ5000 - POS
Addressease ELP
Addressease Envelope Toaster
Brother Checkwriter CW-1000
Brother Checkwriter CW-600
Brother CW-1000 Checkwriter
Brother CW-600 Checkwriter
Business Sys Intl Lasersoft I
Canon BP 10 D
Canon BP 1025 D
Canon BP 12 D
Canon BP 1200 DH
Canon BP 1211 D
Canon BP 1225 D
Canon BP 1400 DH
Canon BP 1400 DL
Canon BP 1425 D
Canon BP 1445 D
Canon BP 25 D
Canon BP 26 D
Canon BP 35 D
Canon BP 36 D
Canon BP 37 D
Canon BP 37 DE
Canon BP 37 DH
Canon BP 47 DH
Canon BP 5020 D
Canon BP 5220 D
Canon BP 5420 D
Casio PJ-10 L
Casio PJ-140L
Casio PJ-160L
Casio PJ-180L
Casio PJ-20 L
Chinon K-116
Chinon K-128
Commodore MPS 1270
Comtech Jetwriter 200
Costar Address Express
Data General 6298
Datamega DPN-1800
Datamega DPN-1870
Datamega DPN-1881
Dataprocess DSA 50 Cash REG.
Datasec Corp DSP-225
Diconix/Kodak 150
Diconix/Kodak 150 Plus
Diconix/Kodak 180 si
Diconix/Kodak 300
Diconix/Kodak 300 W
Diconix/Kodak Color 4 Color Ptr
Diconix/Kodak M150 Plus
Digital Check Tellerscan 200
Digital Check Tellerscan 350 EBS
ENC Electronics EJ-105
Epson M-J100 Receipt Ptr
Facit J 1200
Facit J 1250
GCC Writemove
GSD Systems Ink JET/5224
HP 2225 A ThinkJet
HP 2225 B ThinkJet
HP 2225 C ThinkJet
HP 2225 D ThinkJet
HP 2225 ThinkJet
HP 2227 A QuietJet Plus
HP 2227 B QuietJet Plus
HP 2228 A QuietJet
HP QuietJet
HP QuietJet Plus
HP Think Jet
Kohmitech Ink JET Printer
Miltope Corp JET-1 50
NCR 5890 ATM With Depository
NCR 7728
NCR 7731 Proof Machine
NCR Tellerscan TS 200
NCR Tellerscan TS 210
NCR Tellerscan TS 220
NCR Tellerscan TS 300
NCR Tellerscan TS 400es
Nixdorf MD-16
Nixdorf MD-22
Northern Telecom Displayjet
Olivetti JP 180
Olympia Olyfax 450
Omniprint IJ-200
Omniprint IJM-200 Inkjet POS
Panini MY Vision X - Older Versions
Panini S1 Vision Table TOP Scanner
Philips P6622
Siemens MD-16
Siemens MD-22
Telecheck Eclipse - Inkjet POS
Tidemark Corp Address Express
Victor Ink JET Calculator
Westrex Intl. WP-1000

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